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Have you suffered an accident when out in a public place. It could be when visiting a restaurant, bar , café,  shop or car park. If so, you might be entitled to compensation.


Unfortunately accidents do happen in such places. Often it might be as a result of food or drink spilt on the floor or stairs. Possibly you have parked your car in a car park and tripped on a dangerous pot hole causing you injury. Accidents do happen!


We have won hundreds  of cases over the years and helped people win financial compensation to cover injuries , loss of earnings and financial losses where  they have been injured at work because they have tripped or slipped over.


Often when a person is injured in this way not only do they have to deal with the inconvenience , the pain and suffering but sometimes the accident can cause them to suffer a drop in income. Maybe they have lost their job as a result or they are not being paid in full . Maybe they are just on sick pay and are facing financial problems.


If the accident was not your fault  then this isn’t fair and why should you suffer in silence.  It is likely the shop or restaurant  will be insured and we will be able to represent you .


We will write to them  and make your claim. We will try to help you. If liability is admitted we will try to secure an interim payment from them   to help tide you over when you might be suffering financial problems.


We will arrange for you to have a medical examination and do our best to get you the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.


In appropriate cases we will be happy to act for you on a no win no fee basis . This means that usually , even if we take on your case but for some reason you do not win you will not be charged.


Please see our No Win No Fee page for more information.

Therefore, if you have suffered such an accident please contact us . There is no charge for a chat and review of your claim and we may be able to work for you on a no win no fee basis.

So, you have nothing to lose and you will always get a sympathetic ear.


When you visit  places like this pursuant to  The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 you are a lawful visitor. The shop or owner of the premises  owe you a duty to take reasonable care for you when you are visiting.


If the car park was poorly maintained the owner ought to have reasonably known that if they failed to repair the pot hole a visitor to the car park might trip over the defect and get injured.

If you have slipped inside a shop or restaurant perhaps on food or a drink spillage  the shop will be at fault unless they can show they had in place a reasonable system of inspection and a reasonable cleaning rota  to ensure the floor was regularly checked for spillages.


Susan was shopping in a clothes store  in a shopping centre in Gateshead. Unfortunately she slipped on water that had been dropped on the marble floor making the floor very slippery. She injured her neck, back and leg. She instructed me to act for her on a “no win no fee “ basis. We took on her case. It transpired that the shop had no documented , written procedure for keeping the floor clean and free from slippages. Therefore, the shop’s insurer agreed to pay Susan compensation.

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