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James Byrne


Tel: 0161 443 4141

about james

James, known as Jamie by his friends and family, graduated from Manchester University Law school in 1986 and qualified as a solicitor in 1990. His career has spanned four decades and he has built up a vast wealth of

legal experience handling thousands of personal injury and employment cases.

James decided to set up Byrne Campbell Moloi Law LLP with his colleague Patrick because he wanted to run his own law firm. James is extremely motivated to do his best for every one of his clients and over the years has helped thousands of people win compensation , protect their employment rights and secure access to justice.

He is calm, understanding and reassuring to clients.

James is married with two children, one a sixth former and one at university.


What was your funniest moment in the law ?

There was the time I was at Stockport County Court. I had a hearing before the Judge. In those days you had to wait outside his court room until a little light went from red to green meaning you could enter. It wasn’t uncommon to be made to wait. I was desperate for the loo and the toilet was just up the corridor. So I decided to risk it. Went in to the toilet and put my paper file on a shelf above the toilet . It fell off right into the toilet. The Judge’s clerk came knocking on the door telling me the Judge was ready to see me . How I managed to get through a 30 minute hearing desperate for the toilet and with a wet and soggy file I will never know.


 He currently owns a Panther Lima sports car which he restored himself and a Rover P6.

He is also a keen cyclist and evertonian.




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