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Tel: 0161 443 4141

about sylvia


Sylvia has been in the legal profession for over 30 years, helping clients to recover compensation for their personal injuries. She has a particular speciality in road traffic claims and is fully committed to providing her clients with an excellent service.

Sylvia is also bilingual and speaks a second language of Setswana.

What was your funniest moment in the law?


Not realising that the clocks had gone back and thinking that the time was actually 5 p.m instead of 4 p.m., I shut down my computer, put my coat on and was in the process of leaving the office, when the senior partner said it was not yet home time.  Assuming that he was joking I proceeded to leave the office. It was only when I got outside, when across the road, at the town hall was a large clock bearing the correct time of 4 p.m. Needless to say I had to return back to the office highly embarrassed.




I enjoy spending quality time with the family. I try and make my appearance at the gym and love travelling and experiencing different cultures. 



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