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No Win

No Fee

“Lawyers are like rhinoceroses: thick skinned, short-sighted, and always ready to charge”.

We are not all like this. At BCM we are happy to consider taking your case on a No Win No Fee agreement.

There are various options of funding your claim or you to consider and we will discuss the most appropriate for you. We can usually offer you “ No Win No Fee “.

This is the normal and most popular way of funding some claims such as personal injury cases. This is an agreement called a “Conditional Fee Agreement" where we agree not to charge you any fees at all if your claim fails or does not proceed and we only charge you if you win. Therefore, generally speaking you do not have to pay our legal fees if you lose. We simply do not get paid.

If you win we will charge you a fee which in most cases is fixed 25% of your compensation.

There are some cases , such as cases in the Employment Tribunal or the C.I.C.A. where , in the event of winning you compensation there is no or very little  mechanism in place for us to recover fees from the other losing side. In these cases we will offer you a damages based agreement which is essentially an agreement where we agree not to charge you if your case fails and we charge a percentage of your compensation if you win.  


Funding arrangements can be complex so we will explain these arrangements in much more detail when you contact us.

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