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Bullying and


It is unlawful to be harassed or bullied at work. When this happens it can be very upsetting even devastating to you.

Some people even go absent from work or suffer illness because of the fear and worry they are experiencing. You might not know what to do about it but there are things that can be done.

You can make a grievance to your employer so they should properly investigate the bullying and harassment.

Bullying and harassment can take many forms from downright rude to abusive behaviour. Maybe a manager picks on you, shouts at you or puts you down in front of work colleagues or customers. It can include degrading treatment. Bullying can be committed in more subtle ways. For example leaving you “out the loop“, not inviting you to meetings or group emails and making you feel left out.

Harassment can also take many shapes. It can be similar to bullying where you are receiving unwelcome, negative attention from a colleague or manager / boss.

Harassment can also include sexual harassment which is defined as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature.

It has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a worker, or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them.

Something can still be considered sexual harassment even if the alleged harasser didn't mean for it to be. It also doesn't have to be intentionally directed at a specific person.

Experiencing sexual harassment is one of the most difficult situations a worker can face.

All workers are protected from sexual harassment in the workplace. This applies to one-off incidents and ongoing incidents. This protection comes from employment law, civil law and criminal law, depending on the circumstances involved.

If you believe you are or have been the victim of bullying or harassment please call us for a free telephone consultation.You may be entitled to compensation which can sometimes include a subtantial award to include hurt feelings.

Please don’t delay because strict time limits apply. You may only have 3 months from the last act of bullying or harassment to make a claim so if you have any concerns you should call us as soon as possible so we can advise you on the merits of your claim and what your options are .

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