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Criminal Injury


Have you been attacked and as a result suffered an injury?


This can often be a very harrowing experience to go through  but there is a scheme available for you to try to receive some compensation for your injuries. If the attack was significant not only might you be suffering from the physical injuries but often these attacks can leave psychological scars and damage.

In very serious cases you might even lose your job or be off sick for a long time so you will have suffered a dramatic loss of earnings and at a time when you are most vulnerable and unable to earn a living.


You may be entitled to claim compensation from the C.I.C.A.

The C.I.C.A. is a government body which was set up to provide compensation to people who are victims of violence.You can seek compensation for your injuries and also in the more serious cases for loss of earnings.

The violence can be physical, sexual and also psychological. The person who attacked you could be a stranger or someone you know , even a member of your own family. It can be as a result of a one off incident or occurred over a period of time.

You may present your own claim to the C.I.C.A. and sometimes if the injuries are fairly modest this can be the most sensible thing to do. This is because the C.I.C.A. is a government compensator financed through taxation. They cannot pay for your  legal fees if you decide to ask a Solicitor to help you bring a claim.

However, sometimes you should consider instructing a Solicitor to represent you. This is because either your injuries were so serious that it would be in your best interests to be professionally represented by a Solicitor or where you are simply too upset to deal with the matter yourself and you would like someone to take over that burden for you.

If you would like to discuss a potential claim please contact us. Our Mr James Byrne has more than 29 years experience of dealing with the C.I.C.A. and has represented many clients with very serious injuries including brain damage.

Since the C.I.C.A. do not refund any legal fees we can act for you in your C.I.C.A. claim on what is known as a damages base agreement. This is where we charge you nothing up front and nothing if you do not win compensation.  Instead we can agree to act for you and our fees will be charged as a percentage of your compensation only if you win.

The C.I.C.A. award compensation on the basis of a tariff system so broadly speaking the more serious your injuries the higher the level of your compensation. If you have suffered extremely serious injuries you may also recover loss of earnings and other important out of pocket expenses if you have not been able to return to work because of your injuries,


Please contact us  to discuss your potential claim. There is no charge for a telephone discussion or you can request an appointment with Jamie which is free of charge. If you are local he can even make a home visit.


We will review your case and advise you on your best options to try to get you compensated and back on your feet.

Contact us today for a free no obligation chat

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