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Slips and trips on Roads, Pavements and Pathways

Have you been injured when you have tripped on a pavement, road or pathway ?

You might have tripped over a hazard such as an uneven flagstone, or broken kerb or pot hole.

If you did, and you were injured you might be entitled to compensation.

We have won thousands of cases over the years and helped people win financial compensation to cover injuries , loss of earnings and financial losses where  they have been injured  because they have tripped or slipped over on a road, pavement or pathway.


Often when a person is injured in this way not only do they have to deal with the inconvenience , the pain and suffering but sometimes the accident can cause them to suffer a drop in income. Maybe they have lost their job as a result or they are not being paid in full . Maybe they are just on sick pay and are facing financial problems.


If the accident was not your fault , for example the pavement was in a dangerous condition causing you to trip , fall and suffer an injury  then this isn’t fair and why should you suffer in silence. Often the accident was not your fault. Often these cases are against the Council or a private land owning company who will be insured and we will be able to represent you .


We will write to the Council  and make your claim. We will try to help you. If liability is admitted we will try to secure an interim payment from your opponent to help tide you over when you might be suffering financial problems.

We will arrange for you to have a medical examination and do our best to get you the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.


In appropriate cases we will be happy to act for you on a no win no fee basis. This means that usually, even if we take on your case but for some reason you do not win you will not be charged.


Please see our No Win No Fee Page for more information .

Therefore, if you have suffered such an accident please contact us . There is no charge for a chat and review of your claim and we may be able to work for you on a no win no fee basis .

So, you have nothing to lose and you will always get a sympathetic ear.


The law on trips if you would like to read a bit more ……….


Under The 1980 Highways Act the local authority ( “ the council “) has a legal duty to inspect on a regular basis and maintain ( repair ) the pavements and roads. They are required to keep written records of their work.

The local authority is not expected to keep the pavements and roads as smooth as a bowling green but they are expected to ensure they keep up their inspections and where they find dangerous hazards such as a broken flagstone they should ensure it is repaired either as a priority if it appears extremely dangerous or within a reasonable time.

Sometimes they fail to carry out these inspections or the inspections are not carried out  properly to a reasonable standard.

If you have suffered a tripping accident on the pavement or on a road you should contact us for help.

Collecting evidence is very important just in case the defect or hazard gets repaired so you should take a good clear  photo ideally with a ruler in the picture clearly showing the depth of the defect and some more photos showing the general lay out of the area.

If you ring us we can explain how to do this and if you are local we will meet you at the place where you were injured and will take photos , video and measurements and gather the vital evidence needed to help you win your case.



Contact us today for a free no obligation chat

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