Early return of driving licence

Often clients when they receive a lengthy ban are not advised by their solicitor that in the future it may be possible to make an application to return to driving earlier than their original ban.

In England and Wales if you have been disqualified by a court for longer than 2 years in certain circumstances you are able to make this application.

Where do I start?

Firstly, you need to look at how long you ban was for. If your ban was less than 4 years, then at least two years must have already passed. If your ban was more than 4 years but less than 10 at least half of your disqualification period must have already passed. If your ban was greater than 10 years then 5 years of the ban must have passed.

So all I have to do is wait until I have served half my ban before asking the court for my licence back?

If only it was that simple! A formal application must be made to the court that gave you the disqualification.

So is it just a case of making the application and I will get my licence back?

Unfortunately no, because the application will be met with opposition from both the Crown Prosecution Service and the Prosecution. Why? Because you are in essence asking the court to go behind and reduce a ban which was previously given. To do so, the court will need to hear good reasons as to why they should remove your disqualification.

How can we help?

We can help in preparation as the court will consider among other things your chatacter and conduct, the original offence you committed and what has changed since you were disqualified.

Okay- I like what you say, however I want some more information before I commit? What do I need to do?

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Why is it important to instruct a solicitor?

Mainly because we are skilled in making these application and to be honest, the likelihood is you are not! But the main reason is that if you make an application and it is unsuccessful, then you will have to wait at least 3 months before making another application. So it is important to instruct a solicitor who can put forward the best evidence and submissions to give you the best chance of success the first time.

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