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Early return of driving licence

Often clients when they receive a lengthy ban are not advised by their solicitor that in the future it may be possible to make an application to return to driving earlier than their original ban.

In England and Wales if you have been disqualified by a court for longer than 2 years in certain circumstances you are able to make this application.

Totting up points

What is totting up ?

When the number of points on your licence is 12 points or more within a 3 year period  you will “tott” and the court will disqualify you for a minimum period unless you can put forward an exceptional hardship argument.

'Road Rage'

We all from time to time can lose our temper. The stresses of daily life and traffic jams can lead to people acting out of character.


It is likely that at some point in your driving life you will receive a ticket for speeding/notice of intended prosecution 

Mobile phone offences

For many drivers it is difficult to resist the urge to check their mobile or answer that call whilst driving.  Previously if caught you would be offered a driver improvement course or a fixed penalty and 3 points. This no longer the case. The penalty for using a mobile whilst driving on a public road is now 6 points and a fine up to £1,000. 

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