Totting up points

What is totting up ?

When the number of points on your licence is 12 points or more within a 3 year period  you will “tott” and the court will disqualify you for a minimum period unless you can put forward an exceptional hardship argument.

I don’t need a solicitor as I have points which are about to come off my licence so my plan is to wait until they come off so I can avoid totting

Well, unfortunately delaying matters will not help you as the legislation states that points are relevant from the date of one offence to another not the day you are convicted. So, delaying and dragging your case won't help you.

What are the periods of disqualification?

If you have never been disqualified before and tott up you are looking at a minimum 6 months disqualification. If you have had a previous disqualification of at least 56 days within the last 3 years you are looking at a minimum 12 month disqualification. If you have more than one previous disqualification of at least 56 days within the last 3 years you are looking at a minimum 24 month disqualification.

How can we help you?

We are often able to argue for a shorter disqualification and in some instances we can help avoid a ban alltogether.

I have heard about exceptional hardship what is it?

In the event you plead guilty and 'tott up' we could help you argue that a loss of licence would cause you exceptional harship. We have represented clients who have in excess of 12 points and successfully argued exceptional hardship on the basis of the impact a ban would have on their personal and/ or professional life and the lives of others. Mere inconvenience is not enough, the court must be convinced that a loss of licence would cause exceptional hardship to you or others. This can be very difficult to argue.

Okay- I like what you say, however I want some more information before I commit? What do I need to do?

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How good are you at arguing exceptional hardship?

Pretty good. By way of example our staff have experience of dealing with one particular client who faced multiple speeding offences and was endorced with 27 points and we successfully argued exceptional hardship.

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